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Food Service Establishment Inspection Report

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Purpose: Routine
Establishment Name: HOT BOX PIZZA
District: 18 ID#: 105457
Inspection Date: 10/09/2013
Non-Critical: 404 (a) Cove molding
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Violation Description: Floor-wall junctures not coved.
Corrective Action: Install cove molding.
Additional Comments: Cove molding is peeling away from the wall near the door to the walk in cooler. Reattach cove molding to the wall.
Non-Critical: 256 (b) Thermometer, provided
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Kitchen Reach in cooler
Violation Description: Cold and hot holding equipment used to store potentially hazardous food is not equipped with at least one thermometer that is located to allow easy viewing of the temperature display.
Corrective Action: Cold or hot holding equipment used for potentially hazardous foods shall be designed to include and shall be equipped with at least 1 temperature measuring device that is located to allow for easy viewing.
Additional Comments: No thermometer provided in the small coca-cola reach in cooler holding ranch dressing and cheese sauce.
Non-Critical: 216 Unapproved non-food contact
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Kitchen Pizza oven COS
Violation Description: Unapproved material(s) used in non-food contact surface(s).
Corrective Action: Surfaces of equipment that are exposed to splash, spillage, or other food soiling conditions shall be constructed of a corrosion-resistant, nonabsorbent, and smooth material.
Additional Comments: Wooden shim wedged between the oven and the ventilation hood. Do not use wood for equipment maintenence or repair.
Non-Critical: 177 Food storage
Location Equipment Temperature Corrected
Walk-in cooler
Violation Description: Food stored in unprotected manner.
Corrective Action: Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food in a clean, dry location, not exposed to splash, dust or contamination, and six inches above the floor. Food shall be stored in packages, covered containers, or wrappings.
Additional Comments: Box of salad mix and containers of pizza sauce stored on the floor in the walk in cooler. Store all food items at least 6 inches above the floor.